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We'd like to wish a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our customers - thanks for supporting us through our first six months and we hope we'll be dealing with you all again in 2003.
Talking of 2003, we have just heard from Carl Critchlow that Thrud #02 is now due for release in the first week of January - the late release is apparently due to problems with the printers but this new date should be solid.

OK - I was going to encourage you all to check out the huge Citadel Orc army we were selling on eBay but it was bought with "Buy it Now" about five minutes after it went up so I suppose there's not much point now!
Card game fans and WWII gamers should take a look in the Odds and Ends section where we are now selling severely discounted sets of Tank Commander - The Eastern Front.
Our next Foundry re-stock is scheduled for January 2003.

Still no news on the Thrud No. 2 front, I'm afraid - it'll be done when it's done...
We have just re-ordered from eM-4 so all outstanding orders for pre-painted miniatures and bases will soon be in the post. We will be re-ordering from eM-4 again in the new year when we will be expanding our stock to include the excellent Mark Copplestone near-future 28mm miniatures they produce as well as the forthcoming new pre-painted sets.
Finally, we're going to have some major auctions on eBay over the run-up to Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled for some amazing deals.

All the promised Foundry packs and Warhammer Ancient Battles books are now in stock - so many of them, in fact, that we've been selling off some Foundry packs cheap on eBay to make more space.
Carl Critchlow has been in touch to say that Thrud No. 2 has been delayed slightly by printing problems but it is still due to be out by the end of this month and pre-orders are still welcome.

Not much news this week for the simple reason that we're all dying of flu (I may be exaggerating slightly...).
Our new Foundry and WAB stock will be here Thursday the 7th.

Some of you may have noticed there's been no news update for a couple of weeks now - this was as a result of (a) everyone at Hetzerdog being ill with one thing or another and (b) there not being much to report recently.

This week, on the other hand, we have lots of news for you. On the 31st of October we'll be placing our latest order with Foundry and, if you take a quick look at our Foundry page, you'll notice that we've made some major changes to our Foundry stock list. We've also added our new Foundry order service which will allow you to purchase anything that Foundry produce at our generously discounted prices.
The Foundry order will be followed very closely by an eM-4 re-stock (we'll be adding a few new items to our eM-4 stock as well as re-stocking the existing lines).

New to HTC in November is the entire range of Warhammer Ancient Battles books - all at discount prices.
We're expecting the books in just over a week and the WAB page with further info and prices should be up in a day or two. (It's now up.)

Thrud the Barbarian #02 should be out sometime in November though the exact date is still unknown. We've pre-ordered plenty of copies so we'll have it in stock as soon as it leaves the presses. Advance orders are welcome.

We've been talking to the good people at Rafm Miniatures and seem to have sorted out all the details so we can (finally) get around to sorting out what we're going to order and when. There'll be more details when we have them, but initially we'll be concentrating on the excellent Call of Cthulhu range which should be with us in time for Christmas.

Finally, Citadel collectors should make sure to keep an eye on our eBay listings as we're going to be clearing several hundred long oop 1980s Citadel miniatures - see the eBay Auctions page for more details.

We're going to be re-ordering from Foundry sooner than expected due to the large number of orders we have recieved - you can expect us to place the next order in about two weeks. Please get any Foundry orders to us before that date.
The eM-4 re-order will go through just as soon as we find space to put everything (a recent influx of 1980s Citadel Elves and orcs has left us with a bit of a storage crisis)!
There'll be some major changes to the Hetzerdog Development Co. side of this site in the next week or two as we have made some changes to our planned wargame and scenery releases so be sure to check back there in a few days from now for more information.

In order to provide a better service, we will soon be re-organising the Foundry section of the site. We will be expanding some of the ranges so that we stock all the packs available and we will also be adding one or two new ranges.
Balancing this will be the temporary loss of some of the lines that don't sell quite so well.
We'll provide more details when everything's finalised.

Please remember that any Foundry pack can be ordered through us at our usual prices regardless of whether we normally stock it or not.
Any items we order on behalf of our customers will be requested at the same time as our regular re-stocks. Please write if you have any questions concerning Foundry orders.

Well, what with a flakey email server, vaguely ominous letters from Games Workshop's legal department and a rather erratic performance from, last week was a very, very long week...
We're back up on our feet again now though - the computer / eBay problems are sorted and as for GW, well, the less said the better... (actually, I suppose it's kind of flattering that the lumbering corporate behemoth deemed us worthy of its notice, even if it did just paw the ground and snort in our general direction).
This week we're going to be concentrating on clearing some more of our stock through eBay (to help make space for our newer lines and for the new stock we'll be getting in over the next month or two) and also cracking on with some of the Hetzerdog Development Co. projects. Talking of HDC, the provisional background for Babylon's Burning will be up on the Babylon's Burning page by the time you read this.

As previously mentioned, we'll be replenishing our (very much depleted) stocks of eM-4 miniatures and accessories at the end of this month. Apologies once again to those people who are having to wait for the new supplies - we can assure you that we'll be buying up rather greater quantities this time around in order to avoid a repeat performance.
For those of you wondering where the Ral Partha Europe page went, we do still intend to stock their Battletech and Crimson Skies miniatures as well as the full range of boxed fantasy sets and dragons but, due to the expansion of our other lines, we have decided to put this off until early 2003.
One last thing - next month, all things being equal, should see us placing out first order with RAFM Miniatures of Canada. We intend to stock all of their Cthulhu miniatures and their fantasy boxed sets but we haven't yet come to any firm decisions as to what else to stock. If there's any range that RAFM make that you'd particularly like to see us carry, please do let us know.

Well, one week on and we're still only about a third of the way through the mountain of 1980s Citadel miniatures that we're selling through eBay. The Flintloque, GROPOS and 28mm Babylon 5 miniatures we've been waiting for have now arrived and we're expecting re-supplies from eM-4 and Thrud before the end of the month.
We're also looking into the possibility of stocking KM Scenics (excellent trees, flock and hedges) in the near future.

Apologies for the lateness of this news update - we're struggling under a mountain of old Citadel figures and our new Foundry and eM-4 packs and it's taken a while to get everything back to a semblance of order...
We have various new additions to the ranges of Foundry miniatures that we carry (mostly Vikings, Darkest Africa and Old West) - we'll update the Foundry section over the next few days (email us for more info if you can't wait that long!) - and we'll be re-ordering from eM-4 again later this month due to the number of requests for the pre-painted packs, the mechs and the sci-fi bikes.
We also have a bunch of old out-of-print stuff in this week (see the auctions page), including loads of sealed Flintloque packs from Alternative Armies.

This week we'll mostly be re-organising and trying to make room for our new eM-4 products and for the new Foundry stock which will be arriving next week. We'll also be putting a lot of second hand stuff up on eBay throughout this week and re-filling our stocks of the fantastic Thrud comic whch are running dangerously low...
We hope to be able to bring you a large selection of Shadowforge miniatures by the end of September and we'll also be massively expanding the number of eM-4 miniatures we stock over the coming weeks.

It's going to be busy at Hetzerdog this week - we're expecting a huge amount of stock from eM-4 to arrive by mid-week (with much more to come over the coming months), and we're gearing up to recieve this months Foundry order (if you want us to specifically order any Foundry packs or army deals for you this time around, you'll need to contact us by the 26th of August and get payment to us by the 30th).
We've also now added a Gaming Accessories page to this site. At the moment, we sell a large range of different sized and shaped slotta, mech and flying bases - suitable for Citadel among others, and all at a fraction of the GW price. Subsequently, we'll be adding dice of various different sorts and possibly paints, brushes, flock and other supplies.
Finally, a quick reminder that you can get news about some of our more limited stock lines as it occurs by signing up for the (somewhat irregular) HTC mailing list. Just contact us with your name and email address to be added.

Not a lot of news this week...those of you who also visit the HDC side of this site may be interested to know that the playtesting for our Babylon's Burning game is about to commence and that work on our first range of 28mm resin wargames scenery has finally begun.
The first buildings will belong to the "Vikings and Saxons" Dark Ages range and they'll be available through this page at very reasonable prices within the next few months (soon to be followed by many more buildings - both in this range and a number of others).

We'll be getting in a whole bunch of new Foundry packs this month - let us know if there's anything we don't currently stock that you'd like to see us selling. The long promised eM-4 stock will be in very soon now, and there'll be more to come in the following weeks.

We will be getting the long promised eM-4 Miniatures in stock within the next two weeks. If you want to know as soon as they come in, just ask to be added to the Hetzerdog Mailing List.
Unfortunately, our supply of Chronopia and Warzone books has fallen through so once what's in stock goes out of stock, there won't be any more.
On a more positive note, we've just recieved a whole load of Mithril, Void and Celtos miniatures and D20 modules - all new and all at huge discounts on normal retail prices. Contact us for details of what's in stock.

We've just taken delivery of our first lot of Thrud comics! Issue number one of this awesome full-colour comic is now available from HTC at a discount price of just £1.95 (see the new Thrud section for more information).
Issue two will be out in a few months and you can be sure we'll be stocking that too, just as soon as it's available. We have a mass of long out of production Citadel miniatures due in this week - we'll be selling them through eBay so make sure you check our listings often.
No concrete news as yet regarding new supplies of Void, Celtos and Mithril figures and Warzone, Chronopia and D20 supplements but we're hoping to see them by the end of this week. If you're waiting for up to the minute news on any of these lines or on anything else we sell, contact us and we'll add you to the (somewhat irregular) Hetzerdog mailing list.

Thrud is back!
After a break of more than a decade, Carl Critchlow's Thrud the Barbarian (who originally had a regular slot in White Dwarf back in the 80s and a "Graffik Novel" published by GW) has returned in a fantastic new comic. HTC will be taking delivery of Issue One sometime in the next week or two and we'll continue to carry the comic as new issues appear.
HTC will charge just £1.95 for this full-colour comic - contact us to pre-order a copy now!

Welcome to the all-new Hetzerdog Trading Company website!
We hope you'll enjoy the site and that you'll come back often - we're always adding new lines of stock and special offers so it's well worth adding this page to your favourites folder. Right now we've just recieved a huge lot of stock from Foundry and there are some great bargains in the Odds&Ends section too including Void and Mithril miniatures at clearance prices!
Also, don't forget that you can access all of our eBay auctions from this page.
If you have any comments on the site or any questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch.
One final thing - we must extend our heartfelt thanks to James Michie for designing and maintaining this site and to everyone else who's helped us out along the way.