Grandad and Teddy - the limited edition miniature from the Babylon's Burning rules set.

Hetzerdog Miniatures is a new, rapidly expanding company offering collector's quality wargaming miniatures in lead-free white metal.

Babylon's Burning: a 28mm post-apocalyptic range - available to order now. This range will be expanded on a monthly basis.

Ranges now confirmed for release in 2004 are -

Irish Rebellion of 1798: A 28mm range covering Irish rebels and British militia. Packs covering the French invasion of Ireland in the same year may follow.

Canvas Falcons: A 1/144th-scale range of multi-part white metal kits covering aviation in the First World War. We also hope to eventually release a companion range covering the aircraft of WWII.

Limited Editions: We'll be releasing a number of special limited miniatures that will be given away free with every order of 20.00 or more from January 2004.

Wolves of the North: A 28mm range covering the Anglo-Scandinavian Dark Ages. We'll be covering the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Irish / Scots, Picts, Welsh and Skraelings.

Accessories: A variety of 28mm packs containing wild and domestic animals, weapon & accessory packs, street furniture and other odds and ends which will be released on an ad hoc basis.

We are also in the process of planning an as yet untitled range of 1/600th (3mm) ships which will cover naval battles in the Golden Age of piracy in the Americas.

Obviously we don't want to plan too far ahead but you can expect to see packs covering Victorian colonial conflicts, the Age of Discovery in the New World and plenty more accessories and BB packs during 2005-2006.