Reap the Whirlwind covers skirmish level WWII games (though it could equally be used to cover any other conflict, real or hypothetical, of the first half of the 20th Century).
Reap the Whirlwind is being adapted by Olaf Meys from the critically acclaimed Babylon's Burning game written by Ian Scott and Mark Eatherington and released by Hetzerdog in 2004 - as such its detailed and innovative but easy to learn rule mechanics are already tried and tested.

Olaf Meys has previously been credited in a number of other wargames (Blitzkrieg Commander, Aetherverse and Battlestandard Ancient Rules) and has a long history of modifying commercial games for local clubs and universities.
He is also responsible for the In the Noonday Sun rules (available from Amazon Miniatures).

This is a skirmish level game suitable for anything from a single squad per side to full platoons plus vehicles and heavy weapon supports. Designed for 28mm miniatures, the game works equally well with the 20mm scale.
Units, solo elements (officers, snipers, runners etc.) and vehicles move according to a variable initiative system meaning players are freed from the long waits and stilted gameplay associated with traditional IGOUGO systems.

Reap the Whirlwind recognises the realities of combat - in order to survive, troops need to utilise the terrain, take advantage of the game's suppressive fire rules, know when to keep moving and when to hunker down and, most of all, support each other tactically.

The game includes extensive army and equipment lists and details a wide selection of nations - Americans, British, French, Germans, Italians, Japanese, Poles, Russians and more besides - all with their own historical advantages and restrictions.

Since this game is being developed out-of-house, so to speak, we can't be too sure when it will appear but Olaf is currently conducting playtests and what we've seen so far has looked very promising indeed.
We certainly expect to see the game published within the next year and we'll add more news just as soon as Olaf gives us some!

The PDF edition of Reap the Whirlwind will cost just $9.99(US) and will be available from and

The print edition of Reap the Whirlwind will cost $19.99(US) and will be available from