These guidelines apply to any and all HDC game play tests. For more specific information see the play test section on each game's page.

1) Play testers need to let us know their full names, their location, their gaming experience (*), the size of their gaming group and how often their gaming group meets.

2) Applying to become a play tester doesn't just mean getting a free set of rules! Play testers are expected to play through the game they are testing thoroughly and report back on what they liked and disliked about the game and what changes they would like to see. When game updates are sent out, we also expect a response to how well the new rules worked out. We don't expect you to send us novel-length reports in triplicate but if we aren't getting the feedback we need, the process isn't working!

3) All rules, background etc. sent out to play test groups are the intellectual property of the Hetzerdog Development Co. and are subject to copyright. Permission is given to duplicate any and all materials for use within the play test group only. No material sent out for play testing by HDC may be published or otherwise distributed outside the play test group (in part or in full) without the express permission of either Ian Scott or Mark Eatherington.

4) All play testers who contribute to the feedback process will be credited in the finished product if and when it reaches publication. Play testers will also receive a free copy of the finished product at the discretion of HDC.

(*) By "gaming experience" we mean we want an idea of how long you have been playing and what sort of games you have played. A lack of experience will not mean you cannot take part as we want our products to be enjoyed by beginners as well as experienced gamers so please be honest.