Bleak Midwinter is a fantasy roleplaying game using the same core mechanics as the Dust to Dust game. The game's background has been largely inspired by European mythology and history (particularly Norse but also Celtic, Greek, Slavonic etc.) and will, we hope, avoid the usual fantasy clichés. There will also be a Die by the Sword series game (DBTS: Midwinter Battles) using the same setting.

The broad shape of the Bleak Midwinter system is already in place since it uses the same basic concepts as the Dust to Dust game and a fair bit of work has been done on background and maps but there's still a long way to go. Basically, Bleak Midwinter is a pretty low priority at the moment and we add bits and bobs to it when we've got spare time on our hands (which isn't very often) so you shouldn't expect to see this game for quite some time. No work will be done on Midwinter Battles until such a time as Bleak Midwinter is largely completed.
We do not require play testers for this project at the current time.

Illustration by Elena Vanin ( Copyright © Elena Vanin 2000, all rights reserved - used with permission.