Die by the Sword is not one game, but a series of games sharing a core set of rules and principles.

DBTS games are all designed for use with much smaller forces than are normal in the modern wargaming scene - typically between 5 and 15 miniatures per side.
These smaller forces are an advantage in two ways. Firstly, smaller battles allow for a far greater level of detail allowing for a much more realistic feel, for a degree of role-playing (if wanted) and for each miniature to be unique with its own strengths, weaknesses and equipment. Secondly, very small forces allow you to spend less time and money purchasing and painting your forces - this in turn allows you to experiment with many more genres and with many more forces within the genres you choose.

Each DBTS game will include not only the rules necessary to play the game but also extensive historical background, chronologies, maps, painting and scenery guides, sample forces based on historical examples, campaigns, scenarios and more.
Each DBTS game will thus be complete in and of itself - all you'll need to start playing is a handful of miniatures.

The first DBTS release will be Wolves of the North (covering Britain and Scandinavia from 750 to 1150AD)

We have dozens of other potential DBTS games on the cards covering everything from Biblical times to the Boer War (with fantasy and horror games thrown in for good measure). We'll add more information as more titles are confirmed but here's a quick list of some of the titles on the drawing board:

Planned Ancient period games will cover New Kingdom Egypt, Greek Myth, Gladiatorial and late Roman subjects.

Planned Dark Ages period games will cover the Vikings, Arthurian Britain and the age of Charlemagne.

Planned Medieval period games will cover the Holy Land, Iberian and Northern Crusades, the Scottish and Welsh wars, the Hundred Years War and the Bleak Midwinter fantasy setting.

Later period games will cover the Thirty Years War, 17th century Japan, Golden Age piracy, 19th century Africa, an Eastern European horror game, 18th century colonial wars, the Spanish conquest of South America and many other topics.

The core rules for DBTS: Wolves of the North are almost complete and should be ready for playtesting in the next few months. Obviously it will take some time for the background writing, artwork etc. to be completed and we don't expect to see Wolves of the North in production for some time.

DBTS: Wolves of the North should be ready for testing towards the end of the year (albeit in a stripped down version). If you would like to play test this game, check back to this page once in a while to check on the current status. If you're really keen, you can contact us now (after reading the play testers guidelines) and we'll put your name on the list and let you know as soon as we need you.