Blood, Sweat & Tears is a World War Two wargame designed to cover combined operations at the battlegroup level using miniatures from 6 to 12mm scale.
BS&T uses a figure ratio of 1:1 (i.e. a single tank, plane, infantry group or other model represents just that and not a platoon or company as in many recent 6-12mm scale WWII games).

Our intention with this ruleset has been to create a game that is as fun and playable on the one hand as it is realistic and plausible on the other. In other words, a game that is easy to get to grips with but which gets the "feel" of the period right and gives realistic results. It's a detailed game but you won't have to trawl through 18 pages of penetration data for different ammunition types every time you hit the enemy and book keeping has been kept to a minimum.

The game uses an initiative system that reflects both the speed with which a unit of a given type might be expected to act and the variable quality of officers. This means that we avoid the stilted and unrealistic tedium of a game in which one player moves all of their units and then the other player moves all of their units without having to rely on gimmicky "activation" mechanics.

Aircraft, engineering, command and control and artillery support rules are, of course, included.

Provided alongside the game are extensive army lists and stats for hundreds upon hundreds of vehicles, aircraft, guns and infantry team types. Of course, in a WWII game it simply isn't possible to cover every type of element that might possibly appear and so BS&T comes complete with simple but extensive rules to add any obscure, experimental or hypothetical element you might want to add.

Additional components included are all relevant burst templates and counters, an artillery deviation chart and a quick reference booklet that contains everything you're likely to need to refer to during the course of a typical game.

BS&T is essentially complete from a game design point of view. We are currently handling the layout and graphic design and awaiting the cover art and expect to have the game available to buy in the very near future.

The PDF edition of BS&T will cost just $9.99(US) and will be available from and

The print edition of BS&T will cost $19.99(US) and will be available from

Once the game is released, you'll be able to find support in the form of free new army lists, modeling and painting articles, element data and scenarios here on the site and there will also be a Yahoo group where the game can be discussed and any questions answered.

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