PDF format.
Additional rules and counters for Ghouls
By Mark Eatherington

PDF format.
Optional rules for bicycles in Babylon's Burning
By Ian Scott

PDF format.
Cultists and Mobsters fight it out over a stash of morphine in this BB battle report.
By Ian Scott and Mark Eatherington

DOC format.
New and improved rules for flamethrowers - toasting the opposition has never been so much fun!

PDF format.
For those who purchased the print version of Babylon's Burning, all the counters, templates, record sheets and quick reference sheets from the BB game in full-colour. Download the PDF and print as many as you need!
Templates & Counters 1
Templates & Counters 2
Templates & Counters 3
Templates & Counters 4
Player Initiative Sheet
Solo Record Sheet
Support Team Sheet
Unit Record Sheet
Quick Reference Sheet 1
Quick Reference Sheet 2

Jeff Welsh's photos and battle reports of the participation games he and Bill Hanson put on at the Cold Wars convention in April.


A mobster prowling the streets

Mobsters in action against an Enclave clean-up squad

The Warhogs biker gang

An Enclave sniper covers his comrades

Enclave forces advancing towards waiting Gangers

A Merc sniper emerges from cover

Merc combat team moving into position

Merchant Caravan guard surveying an obstruction

A Citizen's Militia NCO

Scavs emerge from the mother of all SUVs...

An Enclave NBC trooper scans the street

Girl Ganger, ready to protect hearth and home

Heavy Weapons Trooper, ready for action

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The print version of Babylon's Burning is 106 pages long, perfect bound with a full-colour cover and black and white interior.
Those who want full-colour counters, burst templates and playsheets (or just don't have access to a photocopier to copy the black and white ones in the back of the book) can download them free!

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Click here to purchase the PDF edition of Babylon's Burning from

Page 14 Page 26 Page 43 Page 54 Page 86 Page 89
Previews of pages from the BB rules - images open in new window.

Babylon's Burning is a near-future, post-apocalyptic skirmish game combining a gritty, atmospheric setting with rules that are both easy to learn and highly realistic.

The year is 2025 - 10 years after the Hit, the catastrophic meteor impact that tore society apart and set in motion a chain of events that left cities in ruins and 95% of the world's population dead and buried under a blanket of dust and ash. The survivors have banded together for mutual protection, resources are scarce and every other group is either a threat or an obstacle.
The background of the Babylon's Burning game is it's core - not a few paragraphs tagged on to the rules as an afterthought. You're introduced into the game with an extensive history of the Hit and an overview of the world of 2025 and drawn in further with the extensive fiction and the beautifully rendered and atmospheric artwork that appears throughout.

The game mechanics are detailed and innovative but never hard to get to grips with. This is a skirmish level game suitable for anything from a handful of troops to forty or so miniatures per side. Squads, solo elements (officers, snipers, medics and runners) and support weapons move according to a variable initiative system - there is no waiting around twiddling your thumbs while your opponent moves their entire force and the system is perfect for games with more than 2 players.
Combat is highly detailed but intuitive. The game handles a wide variety of weapons and armour, troop experience is rewarded and the game introduces the kind of command and control usually inexplicably absent from fantasy and sci-fi games.

While it uses a fictional setting, Babylon's Burning recognises the realities of modern combat. In order to come out on top, players need to keep moving, pick their targets well, take advantage of suppression and, most of all, utilise the terrain of tomorrow's shattered cities. This is a game that rewards players who ask themselves "what would I do?" - pushing blindly forward in tight formations is a good way to get very dead, very quickly.
Another advantage of the realistic setting is that there are no "super units" - in the confines of a dark alley, a nail-studded baseball bat is as deadly a weapon as any other.

The game accommodates a wide selection of faction types - Enclaves, Street Gangs, Mercs, Scavs, Ghouls, Culties, Mobs and Syndicates - all of them complete with their own restrictions and advantages. These factions don't just look different; they play differently too. From well armed Enclave militia built around a crack corps of pre-Hit professionals to street kid gangs moving about the table with dizzying speed on skateboards and roller blades, Babylon's Burning allows the player to choose the faction that best reflects their style of play.


Danny Stevenson has been kind enough to start a Babylon's Burning Yahoo group for discussion of the game and associated topics. Anyone can join and the creators of the game are members and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. There's also a very useful links section for anyone interested in post-apocalyptic gaming.
Click here to visit the site.

Babylon's Burning runs to 100 pages including background, fiction, artwork, roster sheets, initiative sheets, quick reference sheets, full-colour counters and burst templates.
The game comes on a CD-Rom in a printer-friendly PDF format. PC and Macintosh versions of the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader software is included on the CD.

Hardware requirements are -

Microsoft® Windows 98/Me/NT4, 32MB of RAM, 60MB of available hard-disk space.

PowerPC® G3 processor, Mac OS X v.10.2.2-10.3, 32MB of RAM with virtual memory on, 70MB of available hard-disk space.

Craig Humpston
Babylon's Burning will come complete with quick reference sheets, templates, counters and record sheets.
All you will need to provide are a few dice (six-sided and ten-sided), miniatures, scenery and an opponent.
A number of companies currently produce ranges of miniatures ideally suited to BB -

Hetzerdog's Babylon's Burning range
Wargames Foundry's Street Violence range
Copplestone Casting's Future Wars range
EM4's Combat Zone range
Prince August's Future Shock range

Don't feel you need the "right" miniatures to play BB, however - there are many sci-fi ranges that include models that will be of use. Void Viridians, some Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard and Cyberpunk and (human) Shadowrun ranges are just a few examples.

Scenery can be built from scratch, adapted from model and railway kits or bought from companies such as Ainsty and Armorcast. Much of the scenery produced for 20th Century historical wargames and sci-fi games will also be of use. In time, we'll be producing our own range of high quality resin buildings specifically designed for use in the Babylon's Burning setting.

In due course there will be a BB supplement entitled Wastelands, which will expand the BB rules to include vehicles, new factions (including Nomads, Raiders, Slavers, Merchants, Bunker Enclaves, Road Marshals and Survivalists), water based combat and much more besides.

If you are interested in roleplaying in the world of Babylon's Burning, you should see the Dust to Dust page.

For information on the growing Babylon's Burning 28mm miniatures range, visit the Hetzerdog Miniatures page.

Expect the Wastelands supplement in 2005. Wastelands will cover vehicles, campaign play, Wasteland factions and much more.

Matthias - one of our German playtesters - was kind enough to add a BB section to his website. You can see reports of games he and his gaming group have played (complete with photos) as well as a selection of photos taken by the Hetzerdog team during our own games. The site's in English and has pages devoted to a number of other games too - take a look!
Click here to visit the site.

Did the Flesh & Blood novella in the Babylon's Burning rules whet your appetite for post-apocalyptic fiction? Check out Apocalypse Fiction Magazine - it's a great free online webzine. Whilst there, don't forget to check out the trailers for The NUKE Brothers DVD - it's got a similar feel to Babylon's Burning and comes highly recommended.
Click here to visit the site.

We're happy to announce that Sebastian Rogers has created a Babylon's Burning module for Lone Wolf Development's excellent Army Builder software (which can also be used with many other game systems). There's a free demo version available from their website so you can find out what you're missing out on!
Click here to find out more.

Elena Vanin

Craig Humpston