Above the Trenches is a hex-based game of WWI aerial combat designed for use with any 1/300 or 1/144 scale model aircraft (larger sizes can also be used if the player has a large enough playing area).

Above the Trenches is fun, easy to learn and quick to play without being simplistic. The game will come complete with playsheets for scores of British, French, German, Italian and Austro-Hungarian aircraft and whilst the rules focus primarily on dog fighting, other mission types such as ground attack and reconnaissance will also be covered. Other aspects of the game include campaigns, pilot development and much else besides.

Included with the game will be all necessary playsheets, hex sheets and counters.

The PDF edition of Above the Trenches will cost just $9.99(US) and will be available from wargamedownloads.com and RPGnow.com.

The print edition of Above the Trenches will cost $19.99(US) and will be available from RPGnow.com.

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(Click thumbnail to enlarge / more info.)

We were planning to release a large range of metal 1/144th scale aircraft models to accompany the Above the Trenches game. This range has now been suspended indefinitely but the good news is that, after talks with model designer Steve Bucher, we are planning on releasing a range of high quality card models in the same scale.

The current plan is to include six of these models with the game and to make more models available separately in packs.
As well as the models, we will also hope to include software that will contain a library of national, unit and personal markings, colour schemes and the like so that players can print off any particular model in whatever colours they like.

For those who don't think card models can compete, check out the photos below of our first prototype (a French SPAD VII fighter) - we hope they'll change your mind!


Ideally, we'd like to release the following aircraft models but this is a strictly provisional list!
Aviatik D.1
Hansa-Brandenburg CC
Hansa-Brandenburg D.I
Phonix D.I

Airco D.H.2
Airco D.H.5
Bristol F.2B
Bristol M.1C
Bristol Scout D
R.A.F. FE.2b
R.A.F. FE.8
R.A.F. S.E.5a
Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin
Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe
Sopwith F.1 Camel
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Triplane
Vickers F.B.5 "Gunbus"

Hanriot HD.1
Morane-Saulnier L
Morane-Saulnier N
Nieuport 11 "Bébé"
Nieuport 12
Nieuport 17
Nieuport 28
Spad S.VII

Albatros D.II
Albatros D.III
Albatros D.Va
Fokker D.VII
Fokker DR.I
Fokker E.III
Fokker E.V. / D.VIII
Halberstadt D.II
Halberstadt D.III
Halberstadt CL.II
Hansa-Brandenburg W.29
Junkers D.1
Pfalz D.III
Roland D.II
Roland D.VIb
Siemens-Schuckert D.III

Ansaldo A.1 Balilla
Macchi M.5 Mod