Hetzerdog.com is the home of Hetzerdog Industries of Nottingham, England.

Here you will find all the branches of Hetzerdog Industries - the Hetzerdog Development Co. (the name under which we publish our wargames and roleplaying games), Hetzerdog Miniatures and our mail order business.

Hetzerdog was founded in 2001 (when it was still called the Hetzerdog Trading Co.) initially we were mostly concerned with selling rare out-of-production miniatures and games but we subsequently added various mail order lines such as Wargames Foundry, Xyston, WAB and EM-4 as well as various gaming accessories.
From 2003 we concentrated on producing our own games and miniatures and gradually removed almost all of the other mail order lines from the site as time and space constraints demanded. Nowadays, the only mail order lines we stock are Carl Critchlow's excellent Thrud the Barbarian comic (which is just too good to let go!) and our own Babylon's Burning miniatures and game.

Babylon's Burning - and all of our other games - can also be obtained via our colleagues in the USA; our games are available as electronic downloads in PDF format from wargamedownloads.com and in either print or PDF format from rpgnow.com.